About me

I’m Carla, a chatty designer, maker, doodler and daydreaming resident of Lalaland (it’s called Derby on the map). The folk here call me Lala.

I’m here to spread love, happiness and joy through my various creative noodlings. My sugar sweet sketchbook regularly explodes with a rainbow of ideas, that turn into gifts, greeting cards, and more. This is how I spread the message and fill the rest of the world with LalaLove!

So, how did it all start?

I was always a crafty kid, loving anything that involved drawing or cutting and sticking. My early years mission was seemingly all about getting my messy on – much to the displeasure of my super tidy Mum aka Miss Nothing!

The first real creative buzz I remember was at four and a half. I drew a picture of my family for a competition and won a prize (and certificate) for my efforts. This encouraged me even more.

From then on I would sleep with my colouring book and crayons under my pillow, just in case I woke up with a new idea. I loved making cards for my family. Seeing their faces when they opened them. This was, and still is the best feeling in the world!

Fast forward a good few decades. My felt-tip pens had began to dry up. The corporate world was quickly sucking away my creative spark. I’d grown older, but not up. I had responsibilities now, my creative sprinkles had all but washed away…

One particular day I’d managed to lock myself out of my email account, again. You could blame my baby-brain (I was on maternity leave at the time), but I need to own up, I’m ditzy anyway. After trying to pass the I’m not a robot test and when eventually prompted by the ‘What is your dream job?’ security question, I responded with ‘greeting cards designer.’ And then it happened like a bolt of candy coloured lightning.

I’m not following my dream!

I rushed out and found myself some lovely new scribblers, grabbed my sketchbook off the bookcase. Just blowing off the dust and leafing through the pages I could feel my sprinkles coming back…

The nostalgic feelings overwhelmed me. Suddenly, there I was. Lost in the Lalaland of my sketchbook, with creative ideas bursting to escape. I hadn’t lost it after all. My creativity had just gone on a extended donut break. Phew!

I even popped the scribblers under my pillow like old times. However, my hubster objected after waking up with pink pen on his face. It seems I still forget to put the lids back on properly, oops!

Now, after a good few celebration dances, donuts and the occasional alcoholic beverage, I’m pleased to say it’s back for good. Back for good and bursting to get out. This time though, I’m doing it with purpose. To spread the word and share Lalaland with the world.

It’s time to explore the world of crazy cute, are you ready to visit Lalaland?